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Mammoet, fanpage for pictures and info. Share pictures.
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 KR Wind, info and adres

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KR Wind, info and adres Logo


KR Wind was formed in 2002 as a joint venture between the Dutch heavy-lift giant Mammoet and the Danish Kranløft Danmark A/S as an independent crane company. From the beginning in 2002 we have come far and expanded our areas of service. We have moved beyond being just a crane company and are now a turn-key provider. KR Wind started in Europe and Australia with wind farm projects. In 2006 we formed KR Wind Inc. in Dallas, Texas and started to work in North America. By 2008 KR Wind added one of Canada’s most specialized and experienced wind turbine installation companies, RJS Mechanical Inc. to our portfolio. At the same time we also acquired BMT – Brande Maskin Transport A/S one of the largest and most experienced European transport companies within the industry. At KR Wind we have grown as a result of dedication, determination and our expanding relationships with our customers. Today, KR Wind has the resources to take on even the most demanding wind energy project in all corners of the world. We have the financial strength to adapt to, develop and grow with the ever changing industry, which will ensure the future success of our company and our customers.

Our cranes are specified for your wind energy project

KR Wind is a world leader in the wind energy industry owning and operating close to 30 cranes in the 300-750 ton range that are in operation all over the world.

All the cranes in our fleet have specific advantages that will suit the conditions of the individual wind farm. KR Wind is constantly looking for the opportunity to assist our clients on what we feel is the best option for your wind farm in order to reduce overall construction costs.

KR Wind own several narrow track crawler cranes that allow our client to save cost on road construction. The CC2800-1NT and/or LR1300W (NT) can crawl fully boomed between turbines and only requires 18 ft/ 5,4 m of road width and allows crawling up to a 17% longitudinal inclination.

We also own a fleet of truck mounted lattice boom cranes that are suitable in complicated areas with mountain conditions or obstacles. These LG 1750/1550’s and/or TC2800’s allow for road savings compared to other main erection wind farm cranes and only requires road width similar to the transport equipment delivering the turbine components.

KR Wind A/S | Troldholm 8 | DK-9400 Nørresundby

KR Wind Worldwide
For information about KR Wind’s
North American wind energy
practice, please contact:

KR Wind Inc. (Dallas, TX, USA)
+1 972 386 7272

KR Wind Inc. (Oshawa, ON, Canada)
+1 905 723 9339

Beside the North American market
we cover the rest of the world by
the following offices:

KR Wind Pty (Australia)
+61 (0) 73 39 07 369

KR Wind Ltd (United Kingdom)
+44 (0) 20 7592 8970

KR Wind A/S (Denmark)
+45 99 30 36 66

KR Wind GmbH (Germany)
+49 (0) 461 313 43 0

Equipment list

KR Wind Crane Fleet

Model Year Owner

CC2800 2002 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2005 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2005 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2006 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2006 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2007 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2007 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2008 KR Wind
CC2800-1 2009 KR Wind
TC2800-1 2003 KR Wind
TC2800-1 2009 KR Wind
LG1550 2002 KR Wind
LG1550 2002 KR Wind
LG1550 2007 KR Wind
LG1550 2009 KR Wind
LG1750 2007 KR Wind
LG1750 2007 KR Wind
LR1280 2003 KR Wind
LR1280 2005 KR Wind
LR1300 2009 KR Wind
LR1300 2009 KR Wind
LR1600 2008 KR Wind
LR1600 2008 KR Wind
LR1600 2009 KR Wind
LR1300 2010 KR Wind
LR1300 2010 KR Wind
Manitowoc 2250 2002 KR Wind*
Link Belt LS-248H 2001 KR Wind*
Link Belt LS-278H 2002 KR Wind*
Kobelco CK2500-II 2005 KR Wind*
Kobelco CK2500-II 2005 KR Wind*
Kobelco CK2500-II 2007 KR Wind*
Kobelco CK2500-II 2007 KR Wind*
Kobelco CK2500-II 2008 KR Wind*
Liebherr LTM 1300-6.1 2006 KR Wind*
Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 2008 KR Wind*

*Partnership cranes

Mammoet Fleet available for KR Wind in North America

Model Year Owner Comments

AC500-2 2006 Mammoet Hydraulics
AC500-2 2007 Mammoet Hydraulics
AC350 2005 Mammoet Hydraulics
AC350 2007 Mammoet Hydraulics
LTM 1300 1999 Mammoet Hydraulics
GROVE 6300 2001 Mammoet Hydraulics
200T senneborgen 2007 Mammoet Crawler-2 units
LR1250 1998 Mammoet Crawler
CC2400-1 2007 Mammoet Crawler
LR1800 NA Mammoet Crawler
M18000 NA Mammoet Crawler
CC2800 NA Mammoet Crawler - 5 units
LR 1400 NA Mammoet Crawler
CC2400 NA Mammoet Crawler - 2 units
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KR Wind, info and adres
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